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How to find Georgia prison inmate information

Prior to initiating your search for GA inmate information, you will first have to determine whether you need a state or county jail inmate search. Checking out the information provided by the Georgia Department of Corrections Offender Search web site, which you can access here should also prove to be helpful. Doing a search based on the GDC ID or Case Number (where the GDC ID is a unique number used to identify an individual, also referred to as UNO. A Case Number is officially assigned to a specific offense, usually preceded by the letters EF, PD, or BC) is going to be helpful. If you do not possess GDC ID or a Case Number, you could use the Advanced Search option to complete your search within all of the records, by entering generic criteria such as first and last name, aliases, gender, race, approximate age, height, weight, eye color, scars, tattoos, sentence status, primary offense, most recent institution, conviction county, active or inactive offender databases and with or without photos included. The help section of the web site could be quite helpful to find extra information you might require.

Before starting your search, you will need to agree with the disclaimer and terms of usage that are clearly state that the service is offered for the convenience and safety of the general public and the best effort humanly possible has been made to ensure that information displayed is genuine and complete

You should be also able to use the interactive Facility Search on the same web site GDC Facility Search and locate the facility you are interested in. You can quickly chose the name of the facility from a drop-down list by clicking the small arrow placed to the right of the "select a facility" option, then scroll down and click on the facility. Clicking on the "Facility Info" should give you detailed information about the facility. Finding directions and even an interactive Google Map placed under the tab entitled "Map and Directions" will help you get a better idea of the facility. As a side note, there is currently no available information on county jails. Also, due to security concerns, the Georgia Department of Corrections will not provide you with the date concerning the transfers of the offenders. Additional information can be obtained by checking out the Contact Us option.

How can I use information about Georgia inmates?

The information you obtain on Georgia inmates can be used to find the status of the people in your past, learn if they are in prison or complete some general or some more detailed background checks on the people you need more information on. Babysitters or individuals you are planning to date are good examples of people you must run a background check on. Also, this type of information is critical for those of you who have siblings or friends in the Georgia penal system. Getting information concerning the visitation hours and schedules could also be handy. Sending packages and mails could also be done with the help of inmate information. You can find some details on inmate interaction or package sending here and here

Georgia Statistical Information about Inmates and Crime

The Georgia Department of Corrections features a special Offender Information page that is made up of information concerning the inmates that are imprisoned inside state prisons and also about parolees. The main purpose of this data is to feed the public’s need for knowledge of their surroundings and to ensure their safety. The data can also be regarded as a prison population predictor and also a tool used to set budgets for the prison. You can visualize inmate population statistics here and use multiple criteria to personalize your search.


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