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The handling of prisoners is left either to law enforcement or the Department of Corrections in Georgia, depending on the criminal transgression in question and the sentence being served by the inmate. If you want to do an inmate search in Gwinnett County, you could start with the lower rung of the correctional network which has the county jails or at the higher level which includes state correctional centers.

How to get in touch with the GA DOC for a prison inmate search in Gwinnett County?

There are a myriad of options available for conducting an inmate search in Fulton County. The police and the Georgia Department of Corrections are both open to providing details on inmates held in their respective correctional centers. It is possible to launch an inmate lookup online as well as through the offices of these agencies. They can be contacted through mail, in person or by calling their Victim services numbers.

If you are launching an inmate search in DeKalb County, GA through the Department of corrections, you will find out about offenders who are doing time in state correctional centers, half way houses and rehabilitation facilities. Through a prison inmate search, DeKalb County offenders as well as those from other parts of the state can be found since their charge is handed over to the DOC after sentencing.

In Catoosa County, an inmate search will generally be done when you want to find out about any run-ins that a person has had with the law. Yet, it should be clearly understood that inmate lookups cannot possibly replace a full blown crime history investigation. At the most, through the inmate locator services offered by the DOC of GA and the local police you can find out about the time that a certain individual spent in jail.

For an inmate search in Augusta-Richmond County, GA, you could contact the police precinct in your area. Alternatively, you should take your inmate lookup inquiries to the office of the law enforcement agency. Both establishments will have access to data concerning prisoners who are detained in the local correctional facilities.

In order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe at all time, you need to stay away from sex offenders. It is therefore essential to first know how to properly search for sex offenders in Georgia.

The Corrections Division in Georgia directly supervises all offenders who are being sentenced to the Georgia Department of Corrections. The Corrections Division operates 31 state prisons and it houses around 60,000 offenders.

A warrant is considered to be outstanding when a law enforcement officer in the state of Georgia has failed to execute the warrant by arresting the person who is supposed to have committed the offense.

Prior to initiating your search for GA inmate information, you will first have to determine whether you need a state or county jail inmate search. Checking out the information provided by the Georgia Department of Corrections Offender Search web site

In Georgia, the Open Records Law under O.C.G.A. 50-18-70 is meant to provide interested individuals with the public records they are looking for. These documents are open to “any citizen of this state” and to everybody who is an employee of a nonresident corporation

All criminal records in Georgia can be obtained from either the Sheriff’s Office or the Police Department in the area where you live in. Therefore, directly contacting a Georgia law enforcement agency and finding about the requirements for getting a copy of the record

In the State of Georgia, criminal justice matters fall into the hands of the office of the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia. The job of the Georgia Attorney General is to accurately represent the people of Georgia in court during civil and criminal case hearings.

The Georgia Department of Corrections struggles to create a safer Georgia by working with all kinds of offenders and providing them with special opportunities to develop positive changes within themselves.

If you would like to know what determines the difference between a civil case and a criminal case in the state of Georgia, here is what you need to know. A civil case refers to the charges that one citizen is allowed to bring on another citizen

The Georgia Crime Information Center or GCIC was officially established in 1973 as an operating division within the GBI. It has since then served as the chief provider of criminal justice information services in the state of Georgia.

The Georgia court system features 5 classes of trial-level courts. These classes are magistrate, probate, juvenile, state and superior courts. Moreover, there are around 350 municipal courts that are operating on a local basis and two appellate-level courts

If you are interested in finding out whether you have an arrest warrant on your name in the state of Georgia, you should first know some important information. Namely, know that there is a judicial order that needs to first authorize the detention

Georgia’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program is part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s national program. It is has a number of statistics and databases that offer information on serious criminal offenses that have been reported to or is being investigated.