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There are a myriad of options available for conducting an inmate search in Fulton County. The police and the Georgia Department of Corrections are both open to providing details on inmates held in their respective correctional centers. It is possible to launch an inmate lookup online as well as through the offices of these agencies. They can be contacted through mail, in person or by calling their Victim services numbers.

For a Fulton County prison inmate search, you could try the website of the Georgia DOC at http://www.dcor.state.ga.us. In person inquiries can be done by visiting the department’s office at 300 Patrol Road Forsyth, GA 31029 or you could write to them at this address. Other option is to simply call the agency on 404-656-4661. This is the inmate records and information hotline, specifically meant to offer inmate finder facility on the phone.

To find details on prisoners who are being held under the charge of the Correctional Division of the sheriff’s office, you will mandatorily need to approach the local law enforcement agency as the Department of Corrections does not have any information pertaining to such inmates. Like the DOC, the sheriff’s office also offers three options for connecting with them.

In order to use Fulton County inmate locator services available online, you could go to the website of the sheriff’s office at http://www.fultonsheriff.org/inmate-information.html. A second way is to contact them personally. The law enforcement head office is located at 901 Rice Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30318. Finally, you could call them on 404-613-2000 or fax them at 404-224-8821 for your Fulton jail inmate search.

Typically, people get interested in Fulton County inmate lookups as a means to get a rudimentary level crime history inquiry done. Victims are also understandably keen to learn about the movements of a particular prisoner through the correctional system. In any case, you will only need the first and the last name of the subject to launch an inmate search against him.