Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page serves as a source of information for readers interested in law and crime affairs in Georgia. The content that appears here is not meant to function as a substitute for a certified lawyer that should be addressed for legal assistance. Furthermore, it is important to remember that laws and regulations are in a constant state of evolution and modification. So information found on this page might turn out to be not fully updated.

Q: Is suspension of a driving license in another state applies to Georgia as well?



Absolutely yes. Georgia, like all states across the United States, is connected to a national database that contains information on all US drivers. The chances that traffic violations in one state will be overlooked by the authorities in another are slim. What is more, being untruthful in the application for a driving license in Georgia may result in an arrest warrant against the liar.

Q: Where can I find out if there is a warrant on my or someone else’s name in Georgia?



The best option for finding information on arrest warrant is the sheriff’s office in the county where the person in question resides or/and in the county where the offense was committed.
One should bear in mind, though, that if there is an arrest warrant against his/her name, he/she may be arrested immediately upon visiting the sheriff’s office.
Another alternative is using online databases for arrest warrants. The main advantage of these databases is that search is performed anonymously.

Q: Supposing that charges in Georgia are pressed against a person who does no longer reside within the borders of the state, can these charges be handled outside Georgia?



A person facing charges in Georgia must appear in front of a judge in Georgia. His/her legal affairs cannot be handled by a remote control. In addition, if a person was arrested, his/her release was conditioned by appearance in court in person and not by a representative of any kind. Failing to appear in court may result in an arrest warrant that is valid anywhere in the United States.