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The Georgia Department of Corrections struggles to create a safer Georgia by working with all kinds of offenders and providing them with special opportunities to develop positive changes within themselves. The department is the best correction system in the nation when it comes to offering protection to citizens from offenders who have been convicted. It is also good at offering offenders effective opportunities to develop positive personal change and self-development. You should also know that the Georgia’s Department of Corrections currently has contracts with two private companies for housing over 6,500 offenders.

If you or a person you know will be doing time in a Georgia state prison, you should be able to find great deal of information concerning the way your experience is going to be like at the website of Georgia Department of Corrections. You can use this link to do the same

First of all, the County Correctional Institutions are part of a joint agreement with Georgia Department of Corrections and this agreement is renewed annually in order to provide designated number of beds for Georgia offenders. The Warden, County Commissioner and the Georgia Department of Corrections needs to sign a Letter of Agreement in this regard; the Georgia Department of Corrections will then pay the county a per diem rate per offender, as predetermined by the current legislation. This rate is $20.00 per day, as of now.

The dormitories offered by these facilities are barracks style rooms, featuring rows of bunks. One building is able to hold one or several dormitories. Pods are detached buildings that feature a number of rooms that are set in various ways and each of these rooms contains few bunks. They resemble clusters, and can have their own dining room along with a special recreational area well. Ranges and also cellblocks are cell rows that face a common walkway. Click on this link to take a virtual 360 degrees tour of the Georgia State Prison.

Moreover, the facility is also able to provide offenders with – medical, academic, counseling, recreational, religious and even opportunities for vocational activities that are needed for better rehabilitation. General Education, Special Education, Literacy or Remedial Reading, Adult Basic Education and General Education Development are the main academic programs which are found here. Special counseling is offered to all the offenders. Along with that, anger management programs are also given here.

The moment an inmate gets to a Georgian prison, he or she will go through a reception and classification process that can last for several days, after which the inmate will be assigned a location. Prior to this classification, inmates are not allowed to make any phone calls or receive any packages from home.

Georgia inmates will be placed in different locations as per the data received from their case. They will be assigned security levels to determine the facility they will be hosted by. The security levels are classified under minimum, medium and close security levels. The minimum security level means that these offenders will most likely abide by prison rules and pose minimal risk for trying to escape. They have been judged to be a minimal threat to the community and they are allowed to work outside the fence, under surveillance. Medium security level offenders are not known to have any major adjustment problems and they are also allowed to work outside the prison fence, but they need to be placed under constant supervision. Close security level offenders pose escape risks and they feature assault histories and are dangerous.