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If you are interested in finding out whether you have an arrest warrant on your name in the state of Georgia, you should first know some important information. Namely, know that there is a judicial order that needs to first authorize the detention and also the extradition of an individual to the court that has issued the warrant. Georgia arrest warrants can be issued whenever a magistrate considers that there is a probable cause that could prove that an individual has committed a crime. When the respective person does not appear in court at the pre-established court date or whenever that person is being held in contempt of court, an arrest warrant can also be issued on his or her name.

Moreover, the official Georgia State Patrol does not have a publicly accessible statewide database where one can log in or simply visit and check out the existing outstanding arrest warrants in Georgia. So if you are searching for such a thing, it might be best to first check with the sheriff’s office in your county or in the county you are interested in.

It is possible to be detained by the local police while searching for an arrest warrant issued on your name. The local police officers can gain immediate access to nationwide databases and find out if you are currently being searched by the police.

Once you know the Georgia counties you should be doing your search in, you can check the relevant counties that contain online databases of arrest warrants. Check out the “most wanted” lists for outstanding criminals which are displayed on the sheriff’s website. However know that there are 159 counties in Georgia and only the following are currently displaying a full database of outstanding warrants of arrest: Chatham, Cherokee, Clarke, Columbia, Crawford, Emanuel, Glynn, Habersham, Houston, Johnson, Laurens, Long and Troup.

Making phone calls to the local sheriff’s office and sending emails are also viable ways of finding the information you are looking for in relation to Georgia’s active or outstanding arrest warrants. Make sure you find time to do the proper amount of research and find a source you know you can trust. It is crucial to settle your warrant, in case you have one on your name.