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Obtaining your criminal record

All criminal records in Georgia can be obtained from either the Sheriff’s Office or the Police Department in the area where you live in. Therefore, directly contacting a Georgia law enforcement agency and finding about the requirements for getting a copy of the record of your Georgia criminal history is one way to do things. Additionally, you could also go to the Felon Search website for Georgia, found at this address, where you will need to pay $15 search fee. Using your name and date of birth, plus credit card information should get you the information you are looking for. You shall get instant and accurate online information pertaining to the official Georgia Bureau of Investigation database. 

The type of information you are going to find in the criminal history record will include the identification data (name and date of birth, social security number, gender and race, height and weight etc.), data concerning their arrest (arresting agency, the date of their arrest, and the charges they have been accused of) as well as information on the final judicial dispositions of the court of law and additional custodial information.

According to the O.C.G.A. 35-3-34 (d.2), you are allowed to gain public access to records concerning felony convictions related to another person, without needing the consent of the respective person. Using the previously mentioned Georgia Felon Search web site in order to verify if one has been accused and convicted of a felony crime in the state of Georgia and whether the conviction has been reported to GCIC are both achievable.

It is also possible to obtain felony conviction records from certain law enforcement agencies for a fee that should not be more than $20.00. The full name and race, gender and date of birth of the person will be required to put in. The respective report will consist of data referring to all of the arrests and convictions that have been officially recorded in the Georgia Crime Information Center. The signed consent form of the person who is being checked is required to be obtained and taken to the agency.

Also, individuals who do not reside in the state of Georgia might be required to undergo a fingerprint based criminal record check, for employment or licensing purposes. These people need to submit 2 completed fingerprint cards featuring ten rolled fingerprints and 10 flat impressions that will be taken by the local law enforcement agency. Also, proof of personal identification will be necessary. The fee for this is $20.75, which can be paid either by certified check or by money order to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The required information is going to be mailed to the address listed in the contact information.

Moreover, fixed GAPS sites can be found throughout Georgia and which can be used to conduct criminal history checks. This web site will provide you with all the necessary information on the GAPS fingerprint background check process. GCIC can be contacted at 404-244-2639 or using this email address: email GAApplicant et

Obtaining Nondisclosure of Court Records

If you would like to have your court case records exempted from being disclosed to the public in Georgia, according to the O.C.G.A. 35-3-37(d) (1), you can get the expungement of arrest charges by a local law enforcement agency after meeting certain conditions. If the expungement is proved by the prosecutor, the arrest cycle will be sealed on the Georgia criminal history report by GCIC.