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The Corrections Division in Georgia directly supervises all offenders who are being sentenced to the Georgia Department of Corrections. The Corrections Division operates 31 state prisons and it houses around 60,000 offenders. There are also 6 pre-release centers and 15 transitional centers, along with a offender boot camp, a parole detention center, a probation boot camp and 12 probation detention centers. Georgia also hosts 3 probation substance abuse treatment centers and 13 day reporting centers, plus 113 probation offices. There are also 3 contracted private prisons and 23 county prisons, and the total number of offenders that are being held in Georgia is approximately 60,000 under custodial supervision and 150,000 under community supervision or inside probation facilities.

The 5 existing Pre-Release Centers that operate statewide host a total of 1,358 beds.  There are more male inmates in the state of Georgia, and accordingly there are 5 male facilities and only one facility created for female offenders.  All of these facilities are responsible to prevent prisoners from recommitting the crimes and offenses they have been sentenced for. The facilities also aim to boost public safety. The creation of work experience and work opportunities will help the prisoners after they are released back into the society. By transitioning the offenders to work release programs and by using mental procedures to alter their thinking, their criminal behavior can and is being reduced.

The Georgian jail system addresses issues such as criminal thinking and subsequent behavior, drug or substance abuse and poor education. The use of assessments to identify the types of interventions required to reduce these ricks have proven to be successful.

The state prisons in Georgia house violent or repeat criminals along with offenders who are not considered to be violent, but who have otherwise exhausted all other forms of punishment. Following the official law procedures, judges are allowed to sentence offenders and send them directly to prison. Offenders can also be sent to prison due to the revocation of certain proceedings. Access to classes and additional services is allowed for state prison inmates in Georgia. Able-bodied offenders here are assigned to do activities related to cooking, cleaning, laundry and general repairs. All of these are centered around the prison. They can also be encouraged to work on prison farms or for preserving, preparing and serving food. According to official statistics, there are approximately 5,000 offenders who are currently involved in such activities.

Additionally, special offender crews come to serve the construction needs of the Correction facilities and other state agencies. Skilled offenders are temporarily housed under the attentive supervision of prison personnel to complete renovations and remodeling jobs. Prison fire stations also represent the work place for certain inmates who can respond to rural fire emergencies or prison emergencies. Community work is also completed under supervision, and it involves the building, refurbishing and maintenance of the prison and other civic buildings. It also refers to performing road work, cleaning public buildings and recycling.

Many prisoners are selected to receive on-the-job training. Metal fabrication, printing, footwear, optics, license plates, woodworking, chemical production, screen printing, garment or upholstery are the main fields these inmates can be involved in.

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