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Cobb County case searches can be done in several ways and a lot of information can be gathered through such inquiries. However, you will need to have basic details about the subject or the legal matter before you can initiate the inquiry. So, before you go to the clerk of court’s office or any other judicial entity, spend some time in gathering relevant information about the person or matter under investigation.

Whether you are looking for court documents from Cobb County online or offline, you will need to know the name of at least one litigant if the matter is of a civil nature and the name of the defendant if it is a criminal case that you are investigating. Inquiry on court dockets can also be conducted by using the case number assigned to the matter by judicial administration.

This number can be found on all written judicial records pertaining to the case. Another way is to use the name of the attorney when looking for Cobb County court records. The more the information you start with, the greater will be the accuracy of your results and the shorter will be the time that you have to spend scouring through the court dockets database.

For an online inquiry conducted through the use of the court record search tools offered by the clerk of court’s department, you can use the website of the judiciary at You can find information on all matters heard in the Superior Court through this program.
Case searches in Cobb County, GA can get you details on civil litigations as well as criminal matters. Also, you can find out about fines that are due for violation of traffic or civic ordinances, recent indictments, issue of arrest warrants and the court calendar. For in person investigations, you will have to go to the local courthouse which is located at 32 Wadell St, Murietta Sq, 5th Fl, Marietta, GA 30061. You can also write to the administrative department of the courts at PO Box 3370 at the same address.