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The Clerk of Courts Department of Fulton County keeps details on all cases that are heard by the tribunals in the area. Although their role in the judicial process is passive, it is one of utmost importance since they maintain the database of court dockets. This information is kept for criminal matters as well as civil cases.

It is possible to access judicial records from Fulton County, GA through this agency. In fact, the office is frequently used as the “go to” point for crime history inquiries as well as investigations pertaining to tax and corporate litigations. The simplest way to connect with the agency is to visit their office in person.

Once there, you will be able launch a Fulton County case search on your own. There are public service terminals in the building which can be used by civilian investigators to find Fulton County court documents. The best part is that the inquiry can be conducted free of charge, unless you need to take the information back with you in black and white. In this case, you will only be charged a printing fee.

The Clerk of Court’s office is located at 136 Pryor St, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303 and they can be called on 404-612-5286. However, at least for criminal case information, you will be asked to come down to the office personally.

Another way to find Fulton County court records is by visiting the tribunal that handled a particular matter. For instance, the magistrate’s court hears cases linked to misdemeanors and small claims and they can be contacted at the TG100 Justice Center Bldg, 185 Central Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Higher up the judicial ladder is the Superior Court, to initiate a case search for Fulton County through this tribunal, you will need to go to 136 Pryor St SW, Rm 106, Atlanta, GA 30303. This court has jurisdiction in criminal cases ranging from felony to Class A and B misdemeanors and even civil cases. Another way to find Fulton County court dockets is by launching an online case search. This can be done through the website of the judiciary at http://fultonstate.org/.