Georgia Declares War on DUI Offenses

Georgia increases its enforcement of repeated DUI offenses. A new law will obligate repeated offenders to go through an ignition interlock device check before starting their car for 12 months instead of 8 months. This device analyses the driver’s breath and will not start the car in case of high percentage of alcohol.
At the same time, state officials have announced zero tolerance on DUI offenses in the course of Fourth of July celebrations. Law officers from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Public Safety will patrol the roads to make sure drunk people will not drive and put other drivers and pedestrians at risk.
Finally, as part of an increased governmental effort to combat DUI, in some metro counties in Georgia police officers can now opt for a warrant to obligate a driver to take a blood test that may be used as evidence in court. Drivers have the right not to be checked by a breathalyzer, but it seems they will not be able to escape the blood test.