Georgia police urges law makers to tread carefully with marijuana legalization

With issues of legalization of some forms and uses of marijuana looming on Georgia’s legislative horizon, law enforcement in the state are urging caution with how the laws are crafted and what messages may be sent by such laws. Law makers have been holding a series of preliminary hearings to study the involved issues and collect feelings and data from impacted segments of society.

In the recent third of such hearings, conducted at a college in Lawrenceville, law enforcement had a chance to field their concerns. The main drive behind the push to legalize some forms of marijuana in Georgia currently centers around the use of cannabidiol to treat seizures in children. Cannabidiol has been shown to be effective in treating some forms of severe seizures that are fairly unresponsive to other available forms of treatment.

The police officials that met with law makers said they support the legalization of cannabidiol, but wish to make sure that the message sent by legislation is clear that it in no way opens the door to other uses of marijuana. There were also concerns about the possibility of marijuana cultivation in the state, something that is currently being considered.