A reward of 100K offered to solve a 3 year old homicide!

Gwinnett County Police are hoping that the massive reward amount may lead to somebody coming forth with information about the perpetrator of a gruesome homicide that occurred a good 3 years ago. A young woman was shot to death in cold blood in broad day light by an assailant, without provocation or reason.

Despite every effort, the police have not been able to trace the man who killed 25 year old Monique Marlowe in the parking lot of Hertz Rental Cars. She was an employee of Hertz and half of the reward amount is being offered by the company. Another $50,000 was recently added to it by the victim’s family in the hopes that somebody might offer details that would lead to the arrest of the criminal.

A senseless but seemingly perfect murder!

Before her untimely and tragic death, Monique was able to tell the police that she did not know her attacker and offered a brief description. However, there were no eye witnesses to the crime, and despite the furor that the homicide created in 2012, detectives have not been able to get a single clue about the murderer.

The sheriff’s department clarified that the reward of $100,000 carries a time limit of 90 days on it. Monique’s bereaved father, a 74 year old senior who is battling Leukemia, says this is now the only hope for a family that wants to see the person who did this to their child pay for his crimes.

A young life snuffed out for no reason at all!

A young and educated woman with a bright future ahead of her, Monique was an alumnus of the University of Georgia from where she had majored in International Business. She took up the entry level job to ensure that she would not be jobless due to the economic downturn. A hardworking young woman, Monique was trying to work her way up the organization.

At this point, the police only know that the perpetrator was a Black man who had donned a blue t-shirt. Detectives who were working on the case and even those who have since been assigned to other divisions are hopeful that the criminal may have confessed his crime in front of somebody and this individual may be enticed into offering this information to the police given the high reward amount.