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In Athens-Clarke County, arrest warrants are issued through the Magistrate Court. It is also possible for a citizen who has been the victim of a crime to request an arrest warrant from the Magistrate Court. To apply for a warrant, the individual must have a copy of the police incident report relating to the crime. Suppose the citizen was the victim of a felony. In that case, the police investigation department must investigate before an arrest warrant can be issued, although the detective investigating the case can request a warrant. To be issued a warrant, the individual must fill out the warrant application, including contact information for the suspect, and pay the filing fee. (By state and federal law, if the act was a sexual crime or involved domestic violence, the filing fee is waived.) Once the warrant application has been filed, there will be a hearing in the Magistrate Court before the warrant is issued. The Field Services Section of the Athens-Clarke county sheriff executes the active warrants on the suspects. An active warrant is one that has been issued but not yet executed on the alleged offender. In contrast, an outstanding warrant is one that has gone for an extended period without being executed.

To find information about a warrant in Athens-Clarke county, you can contact the sheriff’s department at 706-613-3250. The sheriff’s office website also keeps a record of civil papers online; this includes arrest records for the most recent twenty-four hours and criminal and civil summonses. You can begin the online search at Note, however, that these records are considered unofficial. The sheriff’s department also has a list of individuals who are currently incarcerated.

The county’s Magistrate Court’s phone number is 706-613-3310, and they are open from 8 AM TO 5 PM, Monday through Friday. They are located at 325 East Washington Street, Athens, Georgia, 30601. Further information about warrant applications and downloadable forms are available online at Athens-Clarke County police also post a list of Most Wanted offenders on their website at, as well as a sex offender registry.

Between the years 2008 and 2010, more than 1500 crimes occurred in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia. These crimes fell into various categories, including larceny, car theft, robbery, burglary, assault, murder, and rape. From 2008 to 2009, the number of crimes increased slightly, although both totals were under 600 crimes per year. However, in 2010 there was a significant drop in the number of crimes in the county, falling to a total of slightly over 400. If this trend continues, it will be an encouraging sign for Athens-Clarke county.

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