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Arrest warrants are issued by a Magistrate or other judge and allow law enforcement agents to arrest a person in the State of Georgia. Once an arrest warrant is signed, it may be enforced in any county in Georgia. A warrant application hearing must be held to determine the probable cause before a warrant is issued. In Lowndes County, GA, arrest warrants are issued by the Magistrate’s Court after the warrant application hearing.

Unfortunately, you cannot do a warrant search online in Lowndes County. You must contact the Lowndes County Magistrate’s Court to inquire about outstanding or active warrants. Before making a wasted trip to the courthouse, it is better to contact the Magistrate by telephone to ask the current procedure for searching arrest warrants in Lowndes County.

The telephone number for the Magistrate’s Court is 229-671-2610. The office is located in the Lowndes County Judicial Complex at 327 N. Ashley Street, Valdosta, GA 31601.

The office manager of the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office ensures the correct filing of all warrants. This person may be a valuable source when searching for active or outstanding warrants within the county. You can contact the office manager in writing online by choosing “Administration” as the Division and completing the online form. The telephone number for the Sherriff’s office is 229-671-2900.

The Sherriff’s Office also has an online list of current inmates for Lowndes County. Clicking on the name will give you a description of the individual, the charges, and the bond amount (if a bond has been granted).

Crime rates in Lowndes County remained steady from 2001 through 2008. The number of crimes committed during the time-averaged down to approximately one crime every 2 hours within the county. Unlike some other Georgia counties, Lowndes County only saw a small increase in crime during this period – – only a 17 percent increase. During this time, the highest number of crimes occurred during 2005 when Lowndes County had over 4800 crimes reported.

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