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The process used for offering an arrest warrant search in Calhoun County, GA is pretty straight forward. Such inquiries cannot be conducted on a mass basis, meaning you cannot look for information on all active warrants issued in the area for a certain period. Hence, you will need to start with some preliminary information about the subject of your search.

A name is a must because the crime records held by the police and the judiciary are linked with personal identifiers like the first and last name, aliases, date of birth, race, gender, social security number, etc. The greater the information you start with, the higher will be the accuracy and the extensiveness of the reports you receive.

Typically, you can expect to find details on Calhoun County arrest records, outstanding warrants, charges filed against the subject, court dispositions, sentencing and incarceration. In other words, if the person in question was ever involved in a criminal a transgression or faced arrests, you will get to know everything about it.

The office of the magistrate will also be able to shed light on non-criminal arrest wants and bench warrants issued in the name of the subject. Similarly, you will find information on civil cases with the department of the county clerk that has the court dockets database. To connect with these agencies, you can go to/write to:

  • The police: PO Box 211, Morgan, Georgia 39866
  • The county clerk: 31 Street NE, Morgan, GA 39866
  • The court of the magistrate: PO Box 68, Morgan, Georgia 31766

An estimated 450 criminal complaints were lodged with the sheriff’s department of Calhoun County, Georgia over six years between 2001 and 2008. That can be worked out to about 75 incidents per year of which approximately 10 were violent crimes. While there was very little movement in the rate of overall crime through this period, the number of violent occurrences went down by almost 75%.

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