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When searching for arrest records from Jasper County, Georgia, along with details on any active warrants issued by the local courts, you will find that there are very few online sources of information. Civilian applicants are often required to visit a government agency’s office in search of details on outstanding warrants and other crime-related data.

The only time you can conduct an online warrant search is if you are willing to go through private vendors of such information. You can find a reliable database maintained by a third party through the form given on this website. Although the information in this repository is sourced through official government agencies, you cannot get a certified copy of a background report from an internet-based vendor.

For this, you will have to go to a state department for information on Jasper County, Georgia, arrest warrants. Your very first stop ought to be the office of the sheriff. Since the police are responsible for submitting the affidavit, which eventually leads to active warrants, it is only standard to keep information about these arrest orders.

All unexecuted arrest warrants find their way into national and state police databases in the form of outstanding warrants, which can be served at any time in the future. Of course, the magistrate’s office is another reliable and official source of information on all judicial decrees that have been issued in the area. This includes arrest orders, bench warrants, and search orders.

The county clerk’s office who keeps the court dockets can also be contacted for a warrants search in Jasper County, GA. This agency can provide details on civil and criminal cases against the subject. To reach these state entities, you can go to or mail in your request at

  • The sheriff: 1551 Hwy 212 W, Monticello, Georgia 31064
  • The county clerk: 126 West Green Street, Suite 110, Monticello, Georgia 31064
  • The magistrate: Same as above

Less than 200 crimes are reported in Jasper County, Georgia, and fewer than 8% of these are violent every year. Through the eight years from 2001 to 2008, there has been a stunning increase of almost 95% in reported crime rate and a rise by nearly 60% in the number of violent criminal acts.

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