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While Bryan County, GA, is not on the top of the list of counties in the state when it comes to criminal dangers, the fact remains that over the last decade, the crime rate in the area has increased by a whopping 80%. This alone should give you reason enough to conduct a warrant search on new acquaintances.

An active arrest warrant issued in Bryan is essentially a court-issued order that conveys to the police that they are supposed to arrest a specific individual and present him/her before the court. Unlike a bench warrant, which is generally issued in court no-shows, an active arrest order is exclusively issued when the police apply for it.

To get information on all outstanding arrest warrants and arrest records for the county in general, you should approach the local sheriff’s office. This is located at 95 Safety Complex Dr, Pembroke, Georgia 31321 and can be contacted on 912-653-3800. The Sheriff’s Office is assigned to handle all criminal processes in the area, including serving all arrest orders.

After a hearing, including pre-rants and warrant hearings, all information about a matter is also maintained by the Clerk of Court. To access the data saved in the court dockets, you must go to the office at 401 South College Street, Pembroke, Georgia 31321.

The Magistrate Court should be your final stop as it has the jurisdiction to issue warrants and other detention orders. To reach this judicial office, drive down to 151 S College St, Pembroke, GA 31321

During 2001 and 2008, Bryan County, GA’s overall crime rate increased by a massive 80%. Although not a state with the highest crime figures in the state, the significant jump in the number of criminal incidents has made most residents and experts sit up and notice. At this point, the county clocks in a mere 350 plus cases, but this figure is set to swell to above 400 if this growth is not controlled in time.

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