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Upson County state agencies, particularly their justice and law enforcement agencies have still to wake up to the benefits of technology. While they offer information on active arrest warrants through their office, there is no provision to conduct a warrant search online or to even seek generic arrest records through the internet.

Needless to say, this can pose a problem for people who are in need of quick information on outstanding warrants in Upson County as well as those who have arrest warrants in their name and risks imminent arrest by heading to any state operated office. So, only, really have two options when looking for data on such judicial decrees issued by the local court, you can either use the form on theist to access a third party database of get someone else to conduct the inquiry through official sources on your behalf.

For the latter, you will need to approach one of the three state run agencies mentioned below:

The office of the sheriff: The law enforcement agency works out of 613-1/2 N Church StThomaston, Georgia 30286 and they hold records on all crimes committed in Upson including information on any all arrest decrees like bench warrants issued in these matters. For a small fee, they will be happy to conduct a formal search through their repository for you.

The office of the county clerk: This agency can be contacted through their mailing address at PO Box 469, Thomaston, Georgia 30286 and they hold civil and criminal records for the state judiciary. This means that the clerk of court is charged with the preparation and the maintenance of court dockets. To access these, you will have to visit the office of the clerk in person.

The magistrate’s court: Because the court is the sole judicial entity that reserves the right for warrant issue, you are likely to find all information on an arrest decree released by them through the office of the magistrate. To visit, head to 116 W Main St, Thomaston, GA 30286

Since 2002 to 2008, every year 700 plus crimes took place in Upson County, Georgia of which about 7% were acts that were violent in nature like rapes and homicide. Yet, property thefts with an annual incident rate of well over 500 gave law enforcement officials and residents the greatest cause for concern.

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