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The local police frequently use Crawford County arrest warrants to apprehend an accused. One of the reasons for the high frequency of seeking these arrest orders from the court is that police get many powers when they have a decree from the judiciary in their hands.

A Crawford active warrant gives peace officers the authority to arrest an individual from any place. Also, such detention can occur at any time, and even if the police have to enter a privately owned property for arresting the person in question, they are free to do so. Officers from all over the country can affect the arrest under the provisions of a warrant released in a criminal matter.

The police hold information on outstanding warrants from Crawford County in their database of arrest records. Apart from this, you will also find these details by browsing through the court dockets’ repository hosted by the county clerk’s office. Although it does not take a lot to get a warrant search done, you will have to visit the agency office to file the request.

  • Police: Agency & Hortman Mill Rd, Knoxville, Georgia 31078
  • County Clerk: Highway 341, Knoxville, Georgia 31050
  • Magistrate: 970 U.S. Hwy. 80, East Knoxville, GA 31050

Once you provide the inquiry form for Crawford arrest warrants, it is the norm to hand over the applicant’s search results within a few days. Depending on the agency you go to, you may even get the report within a few hours. If you approach the county clerk’s office, you will be able to search for the records on your own by going through their court dockets database.

Crawford County, Georgia, has an annual crime rate of over 300 occurrences; this is right in the middle of the crime spectrum. So, there is little to worry about for residents; yet the fact that the number of criminal complaints has almost doubled through the eight years from 2001 to 2008 has given people sleepless nights.

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