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Searching for arrest records in Barrow County will require a trip to the county offices. Unfortunately, Barrow County does not maintain an online database for searching arrest warrants. The Magistrate’s Court for Barrow County issues arrest records; therefore, this is an excellent place to begin our arrest records search. The Magistrate Court is located in the county courthouse at 652 Barrow Park Drive, Suite F, Winder, GA, 30680. You can also contact the court during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, by telephone at 770-307-3050.

The Clerk of Court for Barrow County also maintains the criminal records for cases heard before Barrow County courts. The Clerk’s Office is also located in the county courthouse on Barrow Park Drive but Suite B. The office hours are also the same as the Magistrate’s Court, so visiting both locations to search for arrest records and outstanding arrest warrants can be done simultaneously.

Another source for searching criminal records in Barrow County is the Sherriff’s Office. The Sherriff’s Office is located at 30 North Broad Street, Winder, GA, 30680 (telephone number 770-307-3080). The Criminal Investigations Division is in charge of investigating crimes in Barrow County. This unit is a good source for current and ongoing criminal investigations. The Administration Division of the Sherriff’s Office maintains the office’s records and is the best place to search for active arrest warrants. While you must physically go to the Sherriff’s Office to search for criminal records, you can perform an online search for current inmates at the Sherriff’s website by pulling up the Daily Inmate Population Report under the Detention Division.

Crime rates in Barrow County between 2001 and 2008 totaled only 12,160 crimes meaning a crime happened approximately every 5 hours. Of the total crimes committed, 13 were murders, while over half of all crimes consisted of theft-related charges.

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