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It is the magistrate’s court of Burke County, Georgia that retains exclusive jurisdiction pertaining to the release of active arrest warrants. This means that while the police do have the authority to take an alleged perpetrator into custody from the crime scene or when he/she is committing the criminal act, when the detention does not fall in these two categories, they need arrest warrants to apprehend the suspects.

However, an arrest decree is never simply handed to law enforcement agents just because they seek such an order. The sitting magistrate carefully considers the affidavit filed by the police. The information provided therein has to be enough to establish probable cause before an order for detention is issued.

All warrants are included in the police database upon release and they stay there perpetually, just in varying categories depending on their status. For instance, freshly issued orders are kept in the active warrants category while those that cannot be served are stored as outstanding warrants from Burke County, GA.

On the other hand, all detention decrees that are executed are then stored in the category of arrest records. So, when you approach the police for a warrant search, they will run the name of your subject through all three sections of their repository.

In fact, the sheriff’s office which works out of 225 Hwy 24 S, Waynesboro, Georgia 30830 can provide details on individuals who are currently serving time in correctional facilities of Burke, Georgia and on prisoners who have been released into the community after the completion of their sentence.

The magistrate’s court which is in charge of issuing warrants will also provide the very same information with a minor difference that this agency will also be able to offer in depth date on a specific case. This judicial division is located at 303 W 6th St, Waynesboro, GA 30830

Similarly, another judicial division, the office of the county clerk will be able to furnish data on all criminal and civil cases by looking through their database of court dockets. The office of the clerk of court can also be found at same court house as the court of the magistrate or you can contact them through mail by writing on PO Box 803, Waynesboro, Georgia 30830.

Over the eight year period from 2001 to 2008, Burke County saw almost 700 crime reports being filed per annum. Violent crimes came just short of 10% of this cumulative figure. The majority of criminal complaints were against thefts and robberies, and in more than half of these cases, the victim was targeted when he/she was in close vicinity of his home/office.

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