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For Hancock County, Georgia arrest warrants, the sheriff’s department follows a legally prescribed procedure. The very first thing done is the preparation of an affidavit. This is the basis on which the police approach the court, so it is supposed to contain all vital case related facts, including a description of the incident, why it is deemed illicit, the offender’s role, and the proof collected.

Once this document is ready, it is taken to the HancockCounty magistrate’s court, carefully scrutinized. This legal procedure aims to get the sitting judge to ensure that the police’s case has merit. If the evidence is not enough to establish probable cause, the witnesses are called in, and only after the judge takes their sworn testimony is a warrant released.

After all that diligence, it is understandable why an active warrant does not expire for a good 99 years. The mere issue of a warrant is a sign of substantial proof against the accused, and this is the reason why a warrant search is recommended when hiring a person or forging personal ties. Arrest records and information on outstanding warrants from Hancock County can be found by visiting the offices of the justice agencies named below.

  • The local law enforcement: 820 Spring St, Sparta, Georgia 31087; contact no: 706-444-6471
  • The county magistrate’s court:12630 Broad St, Sparta, GA 31087; contact no: 706-444-5343
  • The clerk of court: Courthouse Square, Sparta, Georgia 31087; contact no: 706-444-6644

The Hancock County, Georgia police receive less than 120 criminal complaints every year. Of these only, about three are deemed to be violent. Despite this, it would be hard to ignore the spike of almost 50% in the number of overall criminal acts from 2001 to 2007.

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