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Searching for arrest records in Georgia can be difficult at times because most counties in Georgia do not have online search options. Most courts will not give information over the telephone; therefore, you must make a trip to the county courthouse to search for criminal records. Laurens County, GA, is no exception to this rule. The online resources for Laurens County are very limited and difficult to navigate.

To begin searching for arrest records for Laurens County, you should being with the Laurens County Magistrate. In Georgia, the Magistrate for each county has the jurisdiction to issue arrest warrants. The Magistrate’s office is located in the county courthouse at 101 North Jefferson Street in Dublin, Georgia. You can contact them by telephone at 478-272-5010 during normal business hours; however, you are likely to be informed that they cannot give out any information by telephone.

The Clerk of Court’s office maintains the court records for Laurens County. This office would have records of any criminal proceedings but not information about outstanding arrest warrants. The Clerk’s Office is also located in the Laurens County Courthouse on North Jefferson Street.

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office has the duty to serve active warrants and make arrests based on those warrants. The Sheriff’s website does not give a list of arrest warrants nor does it provide a list of the county’s most wanted or current inmates. To search for current inmates in Laurens County, you can perform an online search at the Georgia Department of Corrections website.

Crimes in Laurens County averaged about one crime every six hours between the 1999 and 2008. Almost one-half of the crimes occurred less than one mile from the victim’s home. Beginning in 2007, crimes almost doubled the rate they were from 1999 through 2003.

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