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People looking for information on active arrest warrants issued by the courts of Harris County will be disappointed to find that none of the agencies that store information on arrest warrants offer this through the internet. This means that short of doing things the old fashioned way and visiting every office in question, there is simply no other way to get your hands on this data.

The courthouse of Harris is an excellent place to start when looking for arrest records. You will not only find the magistrate’s court here that issued the warrant but also the county clerk’s office that holds on to the court dockets. The county courthouse is located at 102 Old College StHamilton, GA 31811.

Of course, no search for criminal history would be complete without paying a visit to the sheriff’s office. The agency works out of 9825 Hwy 116, Hamilton, Georgia 31811. The Harris County Sheriff’s Department is in charge of serving outstanding warrants and processing the accused after the arrest. Despite this, they do not offer a publically accessible warrants database online.

So, you will need to connect with the warrants division in person. Remember showing up at the precinct can lead to immediate arrest if there is a warrant out against you.


How do you get information on Harris County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021- Update)

  • Call non-emergency dispatch for arrests and warrants-information: 706-628-4211.
  • Call the Clerk of Court for judicial records inquiries- 706-628-4944.
  • Call the Harris County District Attorney’s Office for victim’s assistance- 706-628-4080.


Crime Statistics of Harris County, GA

The Harris Sheriff’s Department received around 320 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to 360 instances in 2018. There were more than 250 property offenses and nearly 70 crimes against people among them.

More than 180 larceny thefts, around 40 burglaries, and nearly 25 motor vehicle thefts were among the property offenses recorded. Around 60 aggravated assaults, 3 rapes, and 7 robberies were among the reported violent offenses.

On average, from 1999 through 2008, nearly 5500 crimes occurred in Harris County, GA each year. Except for 2004, violent crime averages stayed well below 40 incidents every year. In contrast, property crime saw its highest pike in 2007, clocking in almost 500 incidents.

In terms of violent felonies, rape and homicide ranked relatively low on the scale, with just about 7 and 3 incidents over the ten years. Through the decade mentioned above, there has been an overall increase of almost 60% in the crime figures for Harris.

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