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All arrest warrants from Chattahoochee County, Georgia find their way into the law enforcement network through the magistrate’s court.Although the cops investigate a case and zero in on a suspect, they have not been granted the authority to arbitrarily arrest any individual unless he/she has been picked up from the scene of the crime or has been apprehended while committing the illicit act.

In all other cases, the sheriff’s deputies have to approach the sitting magistrate of a tribunal that has criminal jurisdiction, with the evidence they have gathered in the matter. The affidavit thus submitted is used to for the establishment of probable cause which is imperative for the issuance of an active warrant in Chattahoochee, GA.

Once an arrest order of this nature has been issued, it is never retracted. In fact, even when errors can be pointed out in the decree, little difference is made to its powers unless it can be proved that such mistakes compromised the rights of the accused. The only time when a warrant will be recalled is if the probable cause on which it was based no longer exists.

This can only happen when another person is accused and arrested in the matter. In essence, an outstanding warrant which is an unexecuted arrest order, stays in the system till the person in whose name it was issued is arrested. Arrest records and information pertaining to arrest warrants from Chattahoochee County, Georgia are maintained by multiple government agencies. So, for a warrant search, you can go to or write to them at:

  • The magistrate’s court: 379 Broad St, Cusseta, GA 31805
  • The sheriff’s office: Broad St, Cusseta, Georgia 31805
  • The county clerk’s department: PO Box 120, Cusseta, Georgia 31805

With just about 70 crimes reported in Chattahoochee County, Georgia every year, the area figures on the list of the state’s s safest geographical divisions. Because limited information is available on the historical crime figures for the county, it is hard to evaluate criminal trends.

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