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In Gilmer County, GA, the magistrate’s court holds exclusive authority to issue active arrest warrants in the name of people who have significant evidence against them in a criminal matter. Once these detention orders are issued, the judiciary hands over all arrest warrants’ execution to the local police department.

The sheriff’s department holds all arrest records from the area and maintains a database of outstanding arrest warrants. Apart from this, all warrants that remain un-served are also stored in a central FBI database where all peace officers can access them.

Although the state and federally maintained databases are not accessible to the public, it is possible to conduct a warrant search through their use by approaching various state agencies.

For instance, you could start your search for active warrants at the magistrate’s court that issued the arrest decree. In the case of Gilmer, it is located at 51 Broad St, Ellijay, GA 30540. You can also call them on 706-635-4462. Justice and judicial agencies together offer a database of sex offenders that can be accessed at

The next state agency to approach would be the county clerk’s office because the clerk of court’s department maintains all records about every matter that has ever been brought before the county courts, be they civil or criminal. Once a case is argued upon, all data about it is maintained in the court dockets. To visit the county clerk’s office, go to 1 West Sidesquare, Ellijay, Georgia 30540.

Finally, you can always approach the sheriff’s office for information on an outstanding warrant. They work out of106 Brett Dickey Memorial Drive, Ellijay, Georgia 30540and when you seek their help, you stand an excellent chance of getting extensive information on your subject’s criminal history.

The crime rate of Gilmer County, Georgia, currently stands at 12.33 per 1000 people; this means that almost 12 people become victims of crime every year for every 1000 residents.

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