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Suppose you are interested in information about active arrest warrants issued in Wayne County, GA. In that case, you will have to visit one or more government agencies that maintain arrest records and disseminate them when a request is made for a warrant search by any person from the community.

Most people inevitably turn up at the sheriff’s department when in need of details on outstanding warrants. While the agency is undoubtedly a reliable source of information, you can also connect with the judiciary to get details on arrest warrants. After all, the local court with criminal jurisdiction retains the authority to issue these arrest orders and not the police.

The sheriff’s office in Wayne can be visited by driving down to 266 East Walnut Street, Jesup, Georgia 31546. Remember that any attempt to connect with the judiciary or law enforcement when you have an active arrest warrant in your name will undoubtedly lead to your arrest.

For the county clerk’s office, you can write to PO Box 920, Jesup, Georgia 31598. The clerk of court maintains records of what transpired through the life of a criminal or civil case; this includes information on pre-warrant and warrant trials. All of this data is stored in the court dockets.

Finally, do not leave the magistrate’s court out of the search equation. They are located at 174 N Brunswick St, Jesup, GA 31546. Since they do issue all warrants in Wayne County, you are bound to get relevant information about these detention orders from them.


How do you get information on Wayne County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021- Update)

  • To get arrest records, call the Sheriff’s Department at (912) 427-5970.
  • To get information about recent arrests, call the Wayne County Jail at (912) 427-5975.
  • To know how to obtain criminal case records, call the Clerk of Court’s office at (912) 427-5930.
  • To get victim assistance information, contact the District Attorney’s Office at (912) 427-6379 or the Wayne County Solicitor’s Office at (912) 427-5928.


Crime Statistics of Wayne County, GA

In 2019, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office received a few over 400 criminal complaints. This figure was the sum of around 380 property crimes and approximately 25 violent crimes.

In the property crimes category, larceny thefts were the most common with an annual rate of almost 330 cases, while burglary matters came in a distant second with 40 cases filed per annum. In the violent crimes category, assault cases resulted in the maximum number of complaints, at nearly 20 cases per year.

Wayne County, Georgia, has one of the lowest crime rates in the state, with only about ten crimes being reported per annum. While the dismal figure leaves no room for worry, the fact that was an overwhelming rise of almost 60% in the rate of violent crime has made many sit up and take notice.

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