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While a criminal court of Turner County, Georgia actually issues an active warrant, the tribunal cannot release such an order of its own accord. The police have a crucial part to play in the process.Because the judiciary cannot get their hands on case specifics unless they take the help of the sheriff’s office, it is the law enforcement agency that starts the process of the issue for arrest warrants.

To begin with, an affidavit is filed with the court; this document is regarded as the communication vehicle used by the police to notify the court of the illicit act that has occurred and how the accused played a role in it. The evidence provided has to be enough for the judge to establish clear culpability. This means that the proof should be adequate to show probable cause.

A detention decree thus issued is called a Turner County active order and while it never goes out of effect, it does become an outstanding warrant if it is not executed within a few days of release. Government agencies that allow people to look through their arrest records database are listed below.

When you get a Turner warrant search done through them, you will be provided with a written report of the legal transgressions of the offenders in the repository who meet the criteria of search.

  • Office of the magistrate: 219 E College Ave, Ashburn, GA 31714
  • Sheriff’s Department: 1301 Industrial Dr, Ashburn, Georgia 31714
  • County Clerk’s department: PO Box 106, Ashburn, Georgia 31714

Turner County, Georgia ranks very high on the list of areas in the state with the lowest crime rate. With incident averages at just about 80 cases, it is understandable why residents are happy with the performance of the local law enforcement agency. However, this has led to complacence on the part of peace officers which is indicated by the 100% rise in the number of crimes from 2001 to 2008.

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