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As in most Georgia counties, the judiciary has been entrusted with issuing arrest warrants in Brooks County. Both the police and the courts have to follow a set procedure to release active arrest warrants. The process starts with the submission of a formal complaint in court.

This is nothing but a writ that details the crime and the alleged offender’s role in it. The affidavit provides the sitting magistrate with information on the evidence and witness testimony collected in the matter. If the details offered are enough to establish probable cause, an active warrant will be granted on the spot. However, if these are not sufficient, the judge does retain the right to call in the witnesses to depose under oath even at this point.

All arrest warrants from Brooks County, GA find their way to the sheriff’s office for execution; this also holds in case of other judicial orders like bench warrants and search decrees; all of these are served or executed by the cops. The magistrate’s court, the issuing authority, and the police keep all information about arrest records. For a warrant search, you can head to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 1 Screven Street, PO Box 487, Quitman, Georgia 31643
  • The office of the magistrate: 1 E Screven St, Quitman, GA 31643

While these agencies are directly involved in the issue of arrest warrants, the county clerk’s office also maintains records about outstanding warrants as the department holds on to the court dockets. To connect with this agency, write to them at PO Box 630, Quitman, Georgia 31643.


Can you get details about Brooks County recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)        

  • To get information on arrests, contact the Brooks County Jail at 229-263-8153.
  • To access arrest records, and incident and accident reports, connect with the Sheriff’s Office at 229-263-4262.
  • To access details on a criminal investigation, contact Investigations at 229-263-9323.
  • To inquire about outstanding warrants, contact the law enforcement agency at 229-263-7558.
  • To speak with a victim advocate, contact the Brooks County District Attorney’s Office at 229-244-7170.
  • To access criminal case search reports, call the Clerk of Court at 229-263-4747.


Crime statistics of Brooks County

Brooks County’s crime rate went from 191 to 246 incidents between 2018 and 2019. Property offenses received the most complaints, with 196, out of all the crimes reported in the year. In this category, 47 occurrences of burglary and 122 cases of larceny-theft were reported. Around 50 complaints filed in 2019 were owed to violent crimes.

Older crime rate

A little over 250 criminal complaints are filed in Brooks County, GA, annually, and of these incidents, about 20% are violent in nature. While the rise of 100% in overall and violent crime rates is undoubtedly worrisome, what is even more perplexing is that most incidents occur within a mile of the victim’s home or office.

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