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In Fulton County, Georgia, Deputy Marshals execute arrest warrants for both felony and misdemeanor criminal acts originating from the County Magistrate Court and warrants for misdemeanor probation violations the county State Court puts out. The sheriff’s office provides warrant information, and the police departments of certain cities within the county also publish some information, although not all departments will do so. These warrants include active warrants, which have been issued but not yet executed – in other words, an officer has not, however, arrested the offender – as well as outstanding warrants, which are warrants that have been active for a sufficiently long time without the named offender being arrested. They also include bench warrants. These are issued when the offender does not appear in court on the assigned date, and the judge accordingly orders his or her arrest.

If you wish to search for active or outstanding warrants in Fulton County yourself, you can contact the Sheriff Department at 404-612-5129. However, the Sheriff’s department will only provide the warrant status’s full details if asked by the individual for whom the warrant was issued, who must appear in person with a government-issued ID at either the Sheriff’s office or the Fulton County Jail. Atlanta and East Point’s cities post information about some arrest warrants online; Atlanta only provides information about the Most Wanted offenders http://www.atlantapd.org/i-want-to/most-wanted, while East Point has an index of all active and outstanding warrants, which can be found by going to http://www.eastpointcity.org. The Georgia Department of Corrections also has a detailed, searchable database of offenders found on their webpage at http://www.dcor.state.ga.us/GDC/Offender/Query, and the Fulton County Police Department keeps arrest records in their precinct at 130 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30303. Their phone number is 404-613-5700.

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Between 2008 and 2010, almost 208,000 crimes occurred in Fulton County, Georgia. These crimes included murder, rape, robbery, assault, larceny, and automobile theft. However, the numbers are dropping slightly. For example, in 2008, the total number of crimes was approximately 76,200. In 2009, that number had fallen to a total of about 67,400, almost ten thousand fewer crimes than the previous year. In 2010 the number dropped again by nearly 5,500 crimes, down to an estimated 62,000. Still, although Georgia is ninth in the nation in size, it is fifth nationally in the number of citizens who have been imprisoned – and a large number of those are recidivists. The statistics are sobering.

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