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Conducting an arrest warrant search in Warren County, GA is a surefire way to find out about all the criminal indiscretions in the past of a person. If you are wondering how an active warrant relates to the culpability of a suspect, you need to learn about the process used for the release of arrest warrants and the power these directives hold.

Who issues active warrants in Warren County and why?

Like all other directives that come from the judicial branch of the government, it is the courts that retain the authority to issue arrest warrants. Typically, a tribunal with trial or limited jurisdiction, which handles preliminary criminal matters, will have the power to issue active warrants in Warren County.

These decrees will only come into being when the police get in touch with the magistrate, requesting him to consider the release of the order. This petition has to be supported by an affidavit of case facts, including evidence which shows how the suspect is linked to the crime in question.

Who is in charge of serving warren County outstanding warrants?

The sheriff’s department is legally bound to make arrests in all criminal and even non criminal matters in which a detention order has been issued by the courts. In addition to this, cops will also make use of search orders issued by the tribunals. As opposed to these decrees, criminal summons and subpoenas are not executed by the law enforcement agency.

Where can you go to find arrest records in Warren County?

  • The sheriff: Crthse 100 Main St, Warrenton, Georgia 30828
  • The magistrate: 100 Main St, Warrenton, GA 30828
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 346, Warrenton, Georgia 30828

Fortunately for the residents of Warren County, Georgia, only about 60 criminal incidents are reported in the area annually. In more good news, there was a reduction of a massive 1500% in the rates of violent crime which now stands at a mere 2 incidents per annum.

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