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In Bibb County, Georgia, warrants are issued by the Magistrate Court. Once the warrant is issued, it is processed by the Administrative Division of the sheriff’s office. The division handles support functions for the sheriff’s department, including civil processes, court services, communications, special operations, training sections, crime analysis, and warrants.

When the warrant has been processed as an active warrant, which means that it has been issued but not yet executed, it passes to the Warrant Division of the sheriff’s office Patrol Division. The officers in this division serve both misdemeanor and felony active warrants and outstanding warrants, which have been active for a certain period without being executed. Furthermore, they transport fugitives to agencies both locally and outside the state, process production orders from the courts, and keep records on assigning and maintaining office equipment and vehicles.

To receive arrest warrant information, contact the Bibb County sheriff’s department Warrant Division. You can request information from the Magistrate Court by visiting the court at 601 Mulberry Street, Room 101 Courthouse, Macon, GA, 31201. The Magistrate Court also maintains a searchable database online, located at, where you can look up specific criminal and civil cases, based on the individual’s name, the type of case, the case number, and the dates in which it occurred.

The Bibb County District Attorney also offers a searchable database of criminal cases, which is located at Finally, the sheriff’s office maintains a sex offender search database, which can be found online at They also offer the Bibb County Jail Inmate Information System online at, which lists arrest records and incarceration information for individuals by name.


How do you get information on Bibb County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021- Update)

  • For an incident/accident/arrest report, contact Open Records at (478) 803-2393.
  • For information on active warrants contact the Sheriff’s Office at (478) 746-9441.
  • For information on recent arrests (last 24 hours), call Detention at (478) 621-5666
  • For inmate arrest records, dial the phone number of the Bibb County Jail at (478) 621-5611.
  • For getting case-specific information about a criminal complaint filed by you, call the Criminal Investigation Division at (478) 803-2443 (Person Crimes), (478) 803-1039 (Special Investigations), (478) 803-2443 (Juvenile Investigations) and (478) 803-2366 (Property Crimes).
  • For general information and to file a non-emergency complainant, call the Sheriff’s Department at (478) 751-7500.
  • For information on help available to crime victims from the DA’s Office, call (478) 621-6572.
  • For criminal case court dates and information on accessing criminal judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court of the Superior court at (478) 621-6527 and the Magistrate’s Court at (478) 621-5801.


Crime Statistics of Bibb County, GA

The annual crime average of Bibb County went from 55 complaints to 48 complaints between 2018 and 2019. The drop was attributed to the downward movement in the annual average of property crimes which went from more than 50 incidents to around 42 complaints in 2019. As for violent crimes, 5 cases were filed in 2019 as compared to 3 in 2018.

From 2008 to 2010, there were more than 33,000 crimes committed in Bibb County, Georgia. They included car theft, burglary, larceny, robbery, murder, assault, and rape. In 2008 more than 11,500 crimes were committed. Although in 2009 the number dropped slightly to just over 10,500. It rose again in 2010 to just above 11,000 crimes. This is a sobering trend for Bibb County.

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