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Like the other areas of Georgia, in Miller County, arrest warrant searches can be conducted through judicial agencies or the sheriff’s offices. In terms of the latter, applicants can take their pick between the department of the county clerk of the court of the magistrate. However, before choosing an agency, it would help you understand the varying roles that they play in active warrants.

Most people assume that the police merely make arrests under the provisions of a warrant; few know that the sheriff’s department is also the petitioner for such orders along with other directives such as search warrants. When an investigation is completed, and the accused has not been detained for any reason, the police will usually choose to go in front of the court to request an active warrant.

In its parts, the magistrate’s court acts as the authority figure in the matter and decides on whether the arrest warrant ought to be granted or not. This is strictly done based on probable cause. The police have to prove that the evidence they have would be enough to convince any person of reasonable mind of the suspect’s criminal involvement.

The county clerk’s office has a role that is different than these two agencies. They merely maintain records for the judiciary. However, this is done for the criminal and the civil tribunals. So, in their court dockets repository, you will find details on Miller County arrest records, outstanding warrants, and civil litigations. To avail of this information, you can go to:

  • The police: 300 W Pine St, Colquitt, Georgia 39837
  • The county clerk: 155 S 1st St, Colquitt, GA 39837
  • The court of the magistrate: PO Box 66, Colquitt, Georgia 39837

Reports are lodged against approximately 120 criminal matters in Miller County, Georgia, every year. The violent crime rate of the area stands at about 10.5% of the annual average. In terms of property crimes, thefts were the incident category, with the maximum cases at nearly 90 instances per annum. Fortunately, there was a drop of almost 50% in the number of reported crimes in the area.

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