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Fayette County, GA is a little different from some of the other counties in Georgia because it has a Clerk of Court that serves in the Superior Court, State Court and Magistrate’s Court. This is an advantage to anyone who is conducting a warrant search for arrest records because the Fayette County Clerk of Court is charged with maintaining the records for all three courts. Therefore, you only need to search one location for court records.

To do a Fayette County warrant search, visit the Clerk of Court’s website and chose “court docket” from the menu on the left side of the page. A second page will open for you to choose “criminal search” from the three choices. Enter the name for the warrant and chose “all” to search all three courts. Searching by last name only and paging through the results is the safest option for finding any outstanding or active warrants.

A second option for searching arrest records and outstanding warrants, although not recommended if you are searching for your own records, is to contact the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. Although records for arrest warrants are not available online, a request can be made in person, by fax or by mail for records. The contact information for the Sheriff’s Office is Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, Attn: Open Records Request, 155 Johnson Ave., Fayetteville, GA 30214, Fax: 770-716-4872.

Fayette County has a high rate of violent crime, climbing over 90% during the ten years from 1999 to 2008. The most startling is that one-half of the crimes reported happened less than a mile from the victim’s home. However, it is unwise to judge an area based solely on a ten-year period because of shifting conditions are constantly changing that may affect the criminal statistics for a county (i.e. the recession). The records section of the Fayette County Sheriff’s office has current statistics showing the rate of crime in the county separated by major offenses.

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