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An active warrant from Charlton County, GA can be defined as a judicial order directed at the police to arrest a certain individual and present him before the court to pay for his crimes. Although the local tribunal issues this decree, it cannot do so without the police requesting such an order.

The office of the sheriff has to make a formal complaint and submit a writ detailing the act and the role played by the accused in it before an active warrant is granted. The court requires that such orders be executed at the earliest. However, often this is not possible and the decree is kept on the back burner as an outstanding warrant from Charlton County.

When you initiate a warrant search in Charlton County, you will be given access to details on warrants as well arrest records from the area. In fact, if you go through the office of the sheriff, you will also be able to find a lot of additional information like the most wanted list, crime averages, etc. However, you will have to put in a request for this data separately from the warrant search.

Charlton county clerk’s office which prepares a record of the trials that is known as the court docket will also have data on arrest warrants and civil judicial provisions like bench warrants and others. To find these you can drive down to the clerk of court’s office and use the public service terminals there to browse through the database of Charlton County court dockets. These departments can be found at the following addresses along with the office of the magistrate:

  • Magistrate’s: 100 Third St, Folksont, GA 31537
  • County Clerk’s: 100 South Third Street, Folkston, Georgia 31537
  • Sheriff’s: Same as above

In Charlton County, Georgia less than 120 crimes are reported on an annual basis. While this is indicative of a ‘within control’ crime scenario, the doubling of crime over the eight years that started in 2001 is what you should actually be looking at. Also, the area has a very high violent crime rate with almost 15% of the total criminal activity attributed to heinous acts.

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