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In Ben Hill County, Georgia, all arrest warrants are issued by the magistrate of a tribunal that presides in criminal matters. Before an active warrant is granted to the detectives, the judge will closely scrutinize the information provided in the police petition filed in court. In fact, the magistrate may even ask the witnesses and victim to appear for a sworn testimony.

All of this is done to ascertain that the rights of the accused are not compromised in any sense and to ensure that probable cause is clearly established, in the case which points to the offender’s involvement in the crime. Once due diligence is followed in the process for warrant issue, the suspect cannot challenge it in court or request the case to be dismissed on such grounds.

Also, an active warrant thus issued is free from the restrictions of geography and time; this means that it can be executed at any time and at any place.Even if an outstanding warrant is lying in the system for a good ten years, it would still grant the arresting officers the very same powers as a freshly issued detention order.

Information pertaining to warrants and data on arrest records from Ben Hill, Georgia is maintained by the state police, the county sheriff’s office, the state Bureau of Investigation, the magistrate’s court and the office of the county clerk. While details about arrest records and outstanding warrants are freely disseminated online, for a warrant search of active orders, you may have to visit the sheriff’s office in person. To find contact these agencies in Ben Hill, try:

  • The police: 255 Appomattox Rd, Fitzgerald, Georgia 31750
  • The magistrate’s court: 115 S Sheridan St, Fitzgerald, GA 31750
  • The county clerk’s office: PO Box 1104, Fitzgerald, Georgia 31750

Online records are available from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at Apart from this, county police will also be able to provide information on other judicial decrees like bench warrants and search orders and a list of the area’s most wanted which is available at Similarly, the office of the count clerk will be able to furnish details on any civil matters that the subject may be involved in.

There has been a distinctive improvement in the crime averages of Ben Hill County, GA from 2003 to 2008 as the rates fell by well over 100%.Annually, almost 300 criminal complaints are filed with the police, of which, nearly 20% are violent in nature.

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