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Before a judge signs an arrest warrant, he must first find that probable cause exists. Probable cause is simply the belief that a reasonable person would believe that the suspect committed the crime in question-based on the facts presented. The judge acts as a separate unbiased party when determining if probable cause exists based on the facts presented to him by law enforcement officers. You can search for arrest warrants in Mitchell County by contacting the courts that issue arrest warrants or contacting the law enforcement agency for Mitchell County.

The first step in your warrant search will be to search the court records for active warrants. Two courts in Mitchell County have jurisdiction to issue active warrants: the Superior Court and the Magistrate Court. Although the Magistrate Court may issue most arrest warrants, you must search both courts’ court records to make sure you find all active warrants. The Superior Court’s Clerk is located in Room 109 of the County Courthouse (11 West Broad Street, Camilla, GA 31730 – phone: 229-336-2021). The Magistrate Court’s office is located at30 North Court Avenue in Camilla, GA 31730 (phone: 229-336-2076).

To continue your warrant search, you must visit the Sheriff’s Department located in the Mitchell County Justice Center at 4815 Highway 37 in Camilla, GA 31730 (phone: 229-336-2030). The Sheriff’s Department is where you will find outstanding warrants that have yet to be served. In addition to information about outstanding warrants, the Sheriff’s Department’s administrative section can provide copies of arrest records. You may also choose to ask for a criminal history report and pay the staff’s fee to research for you.

Mitchell County, GA crime data

Violent crimes rose in Mitchell County by seventy-five percent from 1999 to 2008. There was an average of approximately 335 crimes per year between 2001 and 2008, with almost one-half of those crimes occurring less than one mile from the victim’s home.

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