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As in most Georgia counties, the Magistrate’s Court for Walker County is responsible for issuing arrest warrants. Your search for arrest records should start with the Magistrate Court. Unfortunately, in Walker County, the Magistrate’s Court does not maintain a searchable online database for arrest warrants. You can contact the Magistrate at 102 Napier Street, Lafayette, GA. The Criminal Warrant Application Rights and Obligations document on the court’s website explains the procedures and requirements for requesting the issuance of an arrest warrant.

The Walker County Clerk of Superior Court is another good source in Walker County for arrest records. You can search the online database for criminal records in Walker County by choosing “Court Docket” and then “Criminal Records” at the Clerk’s website.

If you want to search the criminal history for a particular person in Walker County, go to the Sheriff’s Office. The criminal history request form is on the Sheriff’s website. You can also search the current inmates at the jail and see Walker County’s most wanted list. The Sherriff’s Office is a good source for searching outstanding warrants and active arrest warrants.

If you are concerned that someone has been convicted of a felony, you can perform an online search by name on the Georgia Felon Search website. The cost is $15 per search. However, it is well worth the money if you have searched the Walker County criminal records and still believe there may be more than you have found.


Is it possible to get information on Walker County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • General crime-related information- Sheriff’s Office at (706) 638-1909
  • Recent arrests related information- Corrections at 1264.
  • Warrants search-related information- Detention Division at Ext.1227.
  • Criminal case-related information- Detective Division at (for victims only) Ext.1223.
  • Case search-related information- Clerk of Court at (706) 638-1742.
  • Victim’s assistance-related information- District Attorney’s Office at 706-638-2121.


Crime Statistics of Walker County, GA

As compared to the 2018 crime average of nearly 2700 cases, the Walker Sheriff’s Office received around 1820 criminal complaints in 2019. The figure included around 1580 criminal misdemeanors and approximately 240 felonies.

There were more than 1,220 larceny thefts, 210 burglaries, and nearly 140 car thefts in the category of misdemeanor crimes. There were more than 200 aggravated assaults, 14 rapes, and 14 robberies among the reported felonies.

During the ten years before 2008, crime rates increased in Walker County by 97%, with violent crime increasing by 99%. Even with this increase, the average crime rate was one every five hours, which is still lower than in other Georgia counties. Theft accounted for over one-half of all crimes committed between 2001 and 2008.

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