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For a warrant search in Twiggs County, Georgia, you can start at the magistrate’s office or the sheriff’s department. The addresses of these agencies are mentioned below; however, before initiating an inquiry on possible arrest warrants against your subject, it would help to know why these orders are issued and if they point to an accused’s guilt.

A court exclusively issues an active warrant from Twiggs in the area. The tribunal needs to have criminal jurisdiction to issue such an order. This clause has been put in the criminal code to ensure that the magistrate can ensure that the police have the proof to accuse a person of the criminal act.

Arrest Warrants, once issued, are rarely recalled, nor do they go out of effect. Those that cannot be served are merely put into the criminal database as outstanding warrants from Twiggs County. When looking for arrest records, you will also generally be provided with details on warrants issued in old cases.

However, it is rare for the police to part with information on Twiggs County active warrants in matters that are still under investigation. Because the sheriff’s office executes all legal provisions, you can connect with them to inquire about bench warrants and search orders issued against a person as well.

If you are looking for your subject’s involvement in a civil matter, try the county clerk’s office. The clerk keeps the court dockets from criminal and civil tribunals of Twiggs County. So, you can also go for a search through this department. The added advantage is that the magistrate court and the clerk of court will get a document notarized for you. To contact these offices, use the information below:

  • Police: PO Box 650, 37 North Ash Street, Jeffersonville, Georgia 31044
  • Magistrate: 120 E Railroad St, Jeffersonville, GA 31044
  • Clerk of court: PO Box 234, Jeffersonville, Georgia 31044

Twiggs County is average when it comes to the crime rates of the area. While there was an increase of almost 74% in reported crime, the number of violent acts fell by approximately 30%. Annually, over 150 complaints are filed with the local police.

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