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In the state of Georgia, it is normal for state agencies to not offer public records via the internet. While these state, justice, and law and order entities are obligated by law to disseminate such information to applicants who place a formal request for it, the law has failed to make concession for technological advances. So, in your quest for active arrest warrants from Sumter County, GA, you will have to stick to old school methods.

To get your hands on this information, you will need to visit the office of one or all agencies that hold arrest records and data on outstanding warrants in Sumter County. Most of these agencies will charge you a nominal fee for conducting the warrant search on your behalf and you will have to make a formal request for this information. Also, you will be expected to furnish basic details about the subject of your investigation.

To rummage through the records held by the sheriff’s office, you will need to visit their headquarters of the law enforcement body in person at 352 McMath Mill Rd, Americus, Georgia 31709. Although they do accept requests for this information over the phone and through mail, for the actual inquiry, you will need to head over to the precinct in person.

The magistrate’s court of Sumter county will also be able to provide you arrest warrants related data. Once again, visiting the agency is your sole option and this can be done by driving to 500 W Lamar St, Americus, GA 31709

Finally, while in the area, do not forget the county clerk’s office; this department manages all judicial records including court dockets from the civil and criminal tribunals. They can be contacted at PO Box 333, Americus, Georgia 31709.

Sumter County, GA ranks very high when it comes to the annual criminal incident figure with the 1000 plus complaints that are filed per annum. Unfortunately, over the ten years, there has been an increase of almost 50% in the rate of crime which has added to the woes of Sumter residents. If this growth is not stemmed, it could very well reach the 1500 incident mark shortly.

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