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In Wilkinson County, arrest warrants are deemed to be legal instruments that a court can only issue. Detention orders are commonly used by local tribunals when they want the police to bring in a defendant or an offender. However, depending on the court that issues these orders, the decrees’ powers can be very different from each other.

For one, an active warrant from Wilkinson handed to the police after they file a complaint about it is considered the most powerful of judicial provisions. Outstanding warrants stay in effect perpetually and can be used regardless of the county in which it was issued. This means that an active warrant can be used to detain the accused even when he is caught in another state.

Unlike Wilkinson County bench warrants, which come with the bail amount printed on them, with arrest warrants, the only way to get out of jail is to approach the court for a bail hearing. Because so many agencies are directly involved in using such an order, you can get in touch with numerous government offices for a warrant search. Arrest records in Wilkinson are kept by:

  • The sheriff: 100 Hatfield St, Irwinton, Georgia 31042
  • The magistrate: 100 Bacon St, Irwinton, GA 31042
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 250, Irwinton, Georgia 31042


If you want to know about Wilkinson County outstanding warrants and arrests over the phone, which agencies can help? (2021-Update) 

  • The Wilkinson Sheriff’s Office – 478-946-2411 – For arrests-details, inmate search and inmate services.
  • The Wilkinson County Magistrate Court- 478-946-2222 – For details about active warrants
  • The District Attorney’s Office- 478-986-3166 -For crime victim’s help
  • The Clerk of Court- 478-946-2221- For a case search


Crime statistics of Wilkinson County

In 2019, the annual crime rate of Wilkinson County increased by 10%. The yearly average went from 49 incidents in 2018 to nearly 44 cases. Of the complaints filed, 34 were against property crimes. The violent crime category led to the filing of approximately 10 reports.

Older crime statistics

In Wilkinson County, GA, crime rates have been historically low. Through the eight-year interval that ended in 2008, only a few over 100 crimes were reported in the area. Another positive piece of information is that through this period, crime fell by a whopping 1500%.

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