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For conducting an arrest warrant search in Talbot County, GA, you can walk into the office of a justice agency armed with precise information about the subject. For example, you will need a name along with any aliases that this person may be using. You will also need to furnish details such as the subject’s race, gender, and possible age.

In fact, if you have the date of birth, driver’s license number, current address, or SSN, you can get more accurate results. Also, be prepared to offer information about yourself when looking for data on arrest records and outstanding warrants from Talbot County.

This is required to ensure that criminal elements are not inadvertently given access to sensitive information that can be used to evade arrests. You can seek criminal history information from the sheriff’s office, or you could go to the magistrate’s court, which can also provide details on the other legal instruments invoked against the subject, such as bench warrants, summons, et al.

The county clerk’s office goes one step further; this department can access their court dockets repository, which contains information about crime and civil cases. So, to get your hands on details about active warrants from Talbot, you can visit:

  • The sheriff’s department: PO Box 544, Talbotton, Georgia 31827
  • The county clerk: One Courthouse Square, Talbotton, GA 31827
  • The court of the magistrate: PO Box 2145, Talbotton, Georgia 31902


Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in Talbot County? (By 2021)           

  • To learn about recent arrests, contact the Talbot County Jail at 706-665-8314.
  • To receive arrest records and incident reports, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 706-665-8681.
  • To get an arrest report or information on warrants from Talbotton PD, call them at 706-665-8542.
  • To initiate a warrant search, call the Talbot County Magistrate at 706-665-3598.
  • To get help and information for victims, contact the District Attorney’s Office at 706-653-4336.
  • To get information on how to do a criminal case search, contact the Clerk of Court at 706-665-3239.


Crime statistics of Talbot County

In Talbot County, the annual crime rate was 60 cases in 2018, compared to nearly 105 cases in 2017. The listed offenses included 13 violent crimes and 47 property crimes.

Aggravated assaults had the largest number of complaints in the violent crime category, at 11 cases. With 28 reports, larceny-theft was the most common property crime. Burglary reports came in second, accounting for more than 14 cases.

Older crime statistics

With a decrease of over 900% in the crime figures of the area and an annual incident average of just 40 cases, the policy of Talbot County, Georgia, certainly seems to be doing its job well. In fact, over the eight-year period from 2001 to 2008, only about 230 crimes were reported in the area, and approximately 22 of these were violent criminal acts.

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