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An active arrest warrant from Elbert County, GA, is a judicial detention order issued against a person accused of committing a felony or a serious misdemeanor. While arrest warrants are issued by a local criminal court’s sitting magistrate, they are handed over to the police for execution upon release.

The law enforcement agency also plays a role in the issue of these detention orders. The process starts with submitting an affidavit in court, which offers the judge an explanation on why a person is being held responsible for a crime and the cause that has led the police to believe that the occurrence in question was a crime to begin with.

Once the sitting judge is convinced of this, a warrant is issued, which has the accused’s name on it and the crime that he/she is being suspected of committing, and the magistrate’s signature. The original petition for the warrant presented by the police is also attached with the arrest order. Both the

police and the magistrate’s court save up all information about such detention decrees.

If you approach the sheriff’s department of Elbert County, GA, for a warrant search, they will be happy to provide in-depth details on the arrest records and outstanding warrants in the name of your subject. To get in touch with these justice agencies, show yourself to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 47 Forest Ave, Elberton, Georgia 30635
  • The office of the magistrate: 24 S Oliver St, Elberton, GA 30635

Another county division that maintains criminal history records is the court clerk’s office, charged with court dockets’ preparation and maintenance. The county clerk of Elbert, Georgia, and his team record the criminal courts’ happenings to the civil tribunals. To get in touch with this agency, head to 12 South Oliver Street, Elberton, Georgia 30635.


Who can assist you with a warrant search and arrests inquiry in Elbert County over the phone? (Updated in 2021)            

  • Recent arrests and jail inmate arrest records: 706-283-2040.
  • Police report and/ an arrest report: 706-283-2421 (Sheriff’s Office) and 706-213-3100 (Elberton PD).
  • Questions about arrest warrants: 706-283-2827.
  • Assistance offered to crime victims: 706-376-3128.
  • Questions about criminal court case search: 706-283-2005.


Crime statistics of Elbert County

In 2018, the annual crime rate of Elbert County was 285 instances, compared to 291 cases in 2018. There were 19 violent crimes and 266 property crimes among the reported offenses.

The number of complaints about aggravated assaults was the highest in the violent crime category, at 11. Larceny theft was the most common property crime, with 187 reports. Burglary complaints, which accounted for more than 68 incidents, came in second.

Older crime statistics

Despite a 3% drop in the number of violent criminal incidents, Elbert County still witnessed well over 350 crimes each year from 2001 through 2008. In this period, the most alarming growth was seen in 2002 and 2003 when the rate of violent crime breached the mark of 160 annual incidents, an increase of more than 100% from the figures of the preceding and proceeding years.

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