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According to Title 17 of the Code of Georgia, “Any judge of a superior, city, state, or magistrate court or any municipal officer clothed by law with the powers of a magistrate may issue a warrant for the arrest of any offender against the penal laws, based on probable cause.” In Newton County, GA, the Magistrate’s Court has jurisdiction to issue criminal arrest warrants. Therefore, if you want to do a warrant search in Newton County, you would first begin with the Magistrate Court.

Unfortunately, the Magistrate Court for Newton County does not have an online database for arrest warrants. To see if someone has an active or outstanding arrest warrant, you must contact the Newton County Magistrate’s Office. The office is located at 1132 Usher Street, Room 149, Covington, GA 30014. You can reach them by telephone at 770-784-2050.

You may also want to search the court records for Newton County with the Clerk of Court’s Office for Superior Court. The criminal division of the Superior Court maintains files for misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. You can visit the Clerk of Court in person to search court records at 1132 Usher Street, Room 338, Covington, GA 30014, or contact them by telephone at 770-784-2035. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office serves all warrants for Newton County regardless of the court that issued it. Searching warrants with the Sherriff’s Office could be dangerous if you search for yourself as you may be arrested if you appear in person. Unfortunately, there is no online source for searching active or outstanding warrants with the Sheriff’s office. However, the Sheriff’s Office does maintain an online source for Newton County’s most wanted criminals. If you search for arrest warrants, this is a good source of information for Newton County warrants.

During the 10 years between 1999 and 2008, Newton County had over 15,000 crimes reported. This meant that someone was the victim of a crime every 5 hours in Newton County. During 2001, crimes in Newton County were less than 200 for the entire year; however, within four years, the rate had grown to approximately 1800 per year. That rate than almost doubled over the next three years.

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