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In Jefferson County, GA, arrest warrants – with all other judicial instruments like search orders and bench warrants – are only issued after the court has deliberated on the necessity of the use of such legal provisions. As far as an active warrant is concerned, it can only be released when the police affidavit is adequate to establish probable cause.

Often, if the information provided through the formal police complaint is found to be insufficient, the sitting magistrate will call in for a sworn testimony. However, it needs to be stated here that a pre-warrant hearing is not akin to the trial proper. There is no jury to decide on the culpability of the offender in such a legal proceeding; only the sitting magistrate presides over the hearing and decides whether the police have enough proof to merit the issue of a warrant.

Considering the involvement of several state agencies in the warrant issue procedure, it is not uncommon to find details on Jefferson County arrest records and warrants from several government sources. So, if you are keen on a warrant search, some of the agency offices that ought to be visited include:

  • The sheriff’s office: 415 Green St, Louisville, Georgia 30434
  • The court of the magistrate: 202 E Broad St, Louisville, GA 30434
  • The county clerk’s office: Broadstreet, Louisville, Georgia 30434

Along with the information on active and outstanding warrants and arrests, some of these state agencies can also provide additional crime related tidbits like a list of the most wanted, which can usually be found at the office of the sheriff. Similarly, you are also likely to find details pertaining to civil cases started by and against your subject with the office of the county clerk as they maintain the database of court dockets.

With a little over 200 incidents of crime being reported per annum, Jefferson, Georgia finds itself in the list of counties with the lowest crime rates in the state. Yet, there has been an increase of nearly 60% in the rates of violent and overall crime. This will have to be controlled or the total crime figures could very well top at over 300 per year in the near future.

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