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An active arrest warrant issued in Franklin County, Georgia, is a legal directive from a local tribunal that authorizes the police to arrest the individual whose name the order has been issued. Despite this simple definition of arrest warrants, there seems to be a lot of ambiguity about the rights that such a decree confers upon peace officers.

First, it is imperative to understand that the police only play the applicant’s role in the issue of arrest warrants. Law enforcement has no say in the actual release of such an order. It is the judiciary that maintains the authority actually to sign the detention decree.

In keeping with this, the sheriff’s office merely furnishes the information that the court needs to decide the suspect’s guilt. The magistrate who hears the pre-warrant case is legally bound to ascertain probable cause to hold the person in question responsible for the crime before a warrant is issued.

Once this prerequisite is met, and the judge finds that there indeed is enough reason to detain the accused, an arrest order is handed over to the police. Through the use of this decree, a peace officer can take a person into custody from anywhere and at any time. Suppose you are interested in a warrant search or would like information on outstanding warrants. In that case, you can find these details with the judiciary and the local sheriff’s office by contacting them at:

  • The police: 1 James Little St, Carnesville, Georgia 30521.
  • The magistrate’s court: 9592 Lavonia Rd, Carnesville, GA 30521

Apart from this, court dockets are also maintained by the department of the county clerk. The clerk of the court holds records from the civil and criminal tribunals. To contact this agency, go to Highway 59, Carnesville, Georgia 3052

Is it possible to get a hold of Franklin County’s warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (At the time of writing, 2021)             

  • The Magistrate’s Court: (706) 384-7473 Contact for information on arrest warrants
  • The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office: (706) 384-2525 – Call for inquiries about recent arrests
  • The Victim’s Advocate: (706) 376-3128- Contact to get details on assistance for victims and witnesses
  • The Clerk of Circuit Court: (706) 384-2514- Call for information on accessing judicial records


Crime statistics of Franklin County

In 2019, the annual crime average in Franklin County was 237. Of these incidents, 221 were submitted for property offenses, while the rest were violent crimes.

More than 150 reports were filed against larceny-thefts, and over 50 complaints were filed for burglary. Aggravated assault led to 11 out of the 16 complaints lodged against violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

From 2001 to 2008, there has been an alarming growth of almost 80% in the overall crime rate. This increase has also affected violent crime figures, which went up by nearly 70%. At the time of writing this article, approximately 350 incident reports were filed in Franklin County, Georgia, every year.

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