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Arrest warrants from McIntosh County, Georgia, are among the plethora of judicial instruments available to the police and judiciary when handling a criminal or civil case. An active warrant can only be issued in a criminal case; however, a comparative legal instrument is also available to the civil tribunal magistrate.

This is known as a McIntosh bench warrant, and while it also calls for the detention of an individual, it has a brief validity period of only about 90 days. Bench orders are generally issued when the defendant fails to show up in court or skips bail. Also, these decrees are issued by family courts in cases when the plaintiff does not receive the court-ordered payments.

Arrest orders stay in the police system for several years on end as outstanding warrants from McIntosh County. Also, these can be executed outside the area where they were issued. In contrast, a bench warrant is restricted to the issuing county. A bench order is usually released by the judge as and when required. In other words, the police have no say in it.

However, for McIntosh arrest warrants, the police have to go to court with an affidavit. All arrest records for detentions effected through an active warrant are stored with the police, the county clerk’s office, and the magistrate. These can be found by visiting the agency offices mentioned below for a warrant search.

  • Police: 714 Highway 251, Darien, Georgia 31305
  • Judiciary: 310 Northway St, Darien, GA 31305
  • County Clerk: Given above

With a double-digit annual crime average, McIntosh County is on top of the list of areas in the state with low criminal incident rates. Between 2001 to 2007, only about 400 crimes were reported, of which nearly 10% were violent. Although the police have to be commended given these figures, the fact that instances of crime are on the rise and have grown by almost 60% in the duration mentioned above shows that more needs to be done to control illicit activity in the county.

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