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Most criminal cases begin with an arrest warrant; therefore, if you search for arrest warrants in Butts County, searching for open court cases is an excellent place to start. Judges for the county courts issue arrest warrants after hearing sworn testimony or reviewing affidavits from officers. After the judge signs the arrest warrant, it becomes an active warrant for law enforcement agencies to serve. Therefore, you must also include the Butts County Sheriff’s Office in your warrant search.

To search for active warrants that the courts have issued, you will need to individually visit each court to search the court records for criminal cases. The Magistrate Court handles the majority of active warrants issued in Butts County. You can find this office at 835 Ernest Biles Drive in Jackson, GA 30233. The Superior Court’s office’s Clerk is at 26th Third Street in Jackson, GA 30233. Both offices’ staff is not permitted to give legal advice; however, they can direct you to search the court records for criminal cases. If you want copies of court documents, you will be charged a fee for those copies.

To search for outstanding warrants, you must contact the Butts County Sheriff’s Department at 835 Ernest Biles Drive in Jackson, GA 30233. The Warrant & Civil Division will have information about outstanding warrants. The Administrative Division will be able to help you find arrest records and handles criminal history requests.


Is it possible to get information on Butts County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • For filing an arrest records/incident report request, call the non-emergency dispatch phone number of Butts County Sheriff’s Department at 770-775-8232 or Jackson PD at 770-775-7878.
  • For information on active warrants and recent arrests, call the Sheriff’s Office at 770-775-8216.
  • For requesting judicial records, call the Clerk of Court at (770) 775-8214/8215.
  • For victim’s assistance, call the Butts County District Attorney’s Office at 770-504-2407.


Butts County, GA crime data

The annual crime rate of Butts County increased by nearly 25% in 2019. The local police received approximately 52 complaints in 2018 while they registered 63 criminal cases in 2019. The growth resulted from a significant increase of 10% in property crimes, which went from bringing in around 40 complaints/annum to well over 50 complaints in 2019. The violent crime rate increased by 20%, going from 10 complaints in 2018 to 20 cases in 2019.

From 2002 through 2008, almost 2,300 crimes were reported in Butts County, with only a little over 100 being violent. However, from 1999 through 2008, the rate of crime in Butts County increased by roughly ninety percent. The most frequent type of crime committed in Butts County was crimes related to theft.

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