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In Forsyth County, Georgia, arrest warrants are issued by the Magistrate Court. However, an individual citizen can request that a warrant be issued by filling out a criminal warrant application. Once the warrant has been issued, it is processed through the Civil Process Unit of the Forsyth County sheriff’s office, who records the warrant in the Clerk of Court’s office and then, within seven days of having received it, sends it on to the Warrant Unit to be served to the alleged offender.

These documents include active warrants, which are warrants that have been issued and processed but have not yet been served to the suspect, and outstanding warrants, which are warrants that have remained active without being served for a certain period. The warrants can be for either felonies or misdemeanors.

The Forsyth County sheriff’s office Warrant Unit is located at 875 Lanier 700 Pky, Cumming, GA, 30040. Their phone number, if you wish to request warrant information from them, is 770-781-3073. The county Magistrate Court’s phone number is 770-781-2211; the court is located at 1090 Tribble Gap Rd, Cumming, GA, 30040. You may request an arrest warrant application and other forms online at The sheriff’s office posts a list of Most Wanted suspects which can be found at, as well as a sex offender registry located at, and links to the Georgia Department of Corrections Offender Query database, located at, which allows an individual to search for arrest records and inmate information.

From 2008 to 2010, over 7,000 crimes were committed in Forsyth County, Georgia. They included theft, assault, robbery, murder, burglary, car theft, and rape. However, the crime rate consistently declined throughout this timeframe. In 2008, the total number of crimes committed was just above 2,500. The next year, the total had dropped to only over 2,400, and by 2010, the number had fallen further, to under 2,300 crimes. If this downward trend continues, it will be an encouraging sign for Forsyth County.

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